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Scumbag thumbnail
Scumbag With a band name like that there's no way I could've passed them by without giving 'em a go. And I'm glad I did give 'em a go! You could be too... Favorite track: Black Hole.
Goat Oakland
Goat Oakland thumbnail
Goat Oakland As a record, 'Dominions' isn't that good. If you came to their page because you saw the video of the drunk guy lip-syncing to "Black Hole" with his cat, you'll be happy just downloading that track and leaving the rest. The overall production isn't that good, and is even pretty bad at times; the parts where the band use clean vocals don't add much to the songs, and aren't recorded or mixed very well with the rest of the instruments. The leads and riffs are fun, but unoriginal. Medio-core. Favorite track: Black Hole.
Steven Ghillany
Steven Ghillany thumbnail
Steven Ghillany Dominions will suck you into its gravitational pull and make you never want to leave. While the featured track Black Hole showcases a catchy riff and smart lyrics that are satisfying for those of us with a love of science, I always find myself returning to Corpsicle and Cross Me Over for their sheer brutality. Favorite track: Cross Me Over.
Anthony HARIVEL thumbnail
Anthony HARIVEL Black Hole is just a super metal core song with excellent lyrics with a crazy voice that change a lot during the same song. The rest of the album is also worth it with features that add depth and highness. Great album guys, please make more!!! Favorite track: Black Hole.
William Owens
William Owens thumbnail
William Owens Energetic and fun metalcore. Favorite track: Black Hole.
Darrel Mally
Darrel Mally thumbnail
Darrel Mally Although the unofficial video for "Black Hole" first caught my eye, it was the track "Dominions" that eventually sold me on Give Zombies the Vote. They are a decent Hardcore band from Boston who, if they can weather the end of the 2012 election season, have a decent chance at getting signed by a major record label. Favorite track: Dominions.
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All music written and recorded by Give Zombies The Vote
Produced/Mixed/Mastered by Michael Spreitzer


released July 3, 2012

Additional vocals on "Dehumanized" by Noelle Leblanc
Cello on "Immacolata" by Sevan Sarian Sarkisian



all rights reserved


Give Zombies the Vote Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Black Hole
Blackened sky, an open rift
Embrace the end
Consume this gift of chaos
Another world to ours
Connected by the stars

We see
The end
Of all

Light can not escape a dying star
What we see is what we really are
Density, reaches infinity
Cease to be
Now we're truly free

Universes collide
Occupy this time and space
Incinerate all life
Streamlined to an open mind

Witness the end
Embrace the end
This is creation's end
Track Name: Disrupter
Disguised as what I need
Followed, I let you lead
Demise, you are mine
This world is now defined

Money rules all
Love is only lust

It's disgusting what this world truly is
You feed the rich and kill the poor

This disrupter is my own
You will not defeat me

Absurd, your lies
There will be no compromise
This death, this pain
You think this is a game

Escape from what has become
This pain from down below

What can we do now
It's never too late
We can make the change
Disrupter overcome

We live
We love
We die
Track Name: Corpsicle
Inadvertent Monument

To celebrate immoral men

Frozen ground beneath us

Stares with soulless eyes

Lifeless barren landscape

Tells tales of their demise

Glaciated corpse road

Leads us to death's door

Suffocating hands of fate

Enslaved for your war

Every soul condemned

Drown or a traitors death

Retreat met with execution

Don't fear the other side

You must fear your own

Ravens follow platoons of dead

Evil marches, lies they've been fed

Behold, the enemy takes flight

Silent killers, witches of the night

With engines cut, evenings reticent and shy

When you hear the engines roar

Your cities will ignite.

This road's made of dudes

Imprisoned in a cage of ice

Monument to the devil's price

Track Name: Cross Me Over

Spawn from the aether realm

Take me

Make me what you are
This world is changing ever fast

I fear this place is not for me

I can't live for harmony

I'll take thy name

All of me


Cross me over

Show me dark ways

Ritual blacken and harden me

I'll sacrifice this physical 

Another Dimension

This existence

Has come to an end

To those of earth

Plague me

Engrave me with words

Let my flesh become your parchment

Enrich me

The infinite

Welcome me

Create what I'll be

Transfers begun

Pulsating bloodshot eyes

Hands on the lids and abide

Extract them consume them savagely

Where we're going I don't need to see

Mind starts to wander

Question my own demise

In what way will I survive?

Free me from my mind

Bring forth the creatures 

Drive a man insane

One look will melt their brains

Powers give unto me

Transfer of knowledge


Decrepit bowel of hell

Only way to describe

Fires burn to melt the flesh

Pain suffering is derived

What I prayed for

Endless suffering

This is torture


This choice was my mistake

Dream and nightmare collide

Entrails are scattered torn

From bodies still alive

Track Name: Dubai
Floating in space just a speck in the sky

I feel a spark inside
Sucked down to earth

Demonic voice

It fills my head

My soul again meets my body

Feel my bones come to life

Flesh dissolved

Bones still intact

The time is now

I've awakened from a catatonic state

Beneath the soil I begin my escape

I hunger for something to ease my pain

I'm fiending for your brains

Won't you come and join me in death

What a feeling running through your head

The feeling of resurrection

Rotten from the inside out

My soul behind lifeless eyes

Screaming at the sky

This pain can never be lost
We are the walking dead

My soul again meets my body

Feel my bones come to life

This pain can never be lost

We are the walking dead.

Track Name: Dominions

Find truth in what you have lost can be found

Epitome of self inside

No Ego

Can't define these wild dreams

The rush it bursts the seams

I can't fathom what it means

It all just goes away

All just goes away

Caving in

It binds you down

A distraction

What you hide

Is your true self

Release it

The rest will find a way

Now I've learned to let it go

I freed my mind and it shows

These visuals come in droves

Beyond is what is real

Liberate your mind

Identify and let go

Imprisoned me

Now that I'm free

I will not be broken

Track Name: Dehumanized (Feat. Noelle Leblanc)
I fly to you upon these broken wings
So much to reveal to you
I've so many things
All of these years
Drown in your tears
But my friend you've nothing to fear

From what the world has shown me
In front of my eyes
My dreams and aspirations

Your drive is misdirected but i'm on your side
We all suffer sometimes
Humanity defined
A struggle to grow
I've come here to show you now
You feel so alone
The truth is told
What is means to be alive

One life
Your choice
To break and rise

My eyes have opened
Now I finally see
My hopes and all of my dreams
Are what I will them to be

I want it all
It's mine to have
Life is what you make it
I'll take mine back
Track Name: Immacolata
The beauty from the Fugue
Exiled to the plane we're living in today
Gathering her followers to attain her sweet revenge

Harnessing the Menstruum
Gathering souls one by one
Insanity her prophecy

This world surrounds us with boundless mystery
Transfixed by illusion the weave we'll never see
These hidden places lie between the light
Protectors of the unseen realm
Clashing with her might

She killed her sisters
While still in the womb
Umbilical created noose
She made her mind their tomb

Summoning the beasts
The likes we've never seen
Using souls of those she killed
To create this horrid scene
Half aborted creatures brood
Behold the rapture

Vengeance never ending
No foes left standing
Enchantrix of necromancy

Release the Rake
Upon the human kind
Destroy all within your way
Until the Fugue is mine